Open application for the PAiR Artist Residency

VV Foundation announces the open competition for the autumn session of the PAiR residency in 2023, designed for active professionals in the fields of art, culture, and humanities from around the world.

The PAiR residency program will take place from August 15th, 2023, to October 15th, 2023. The aim of the residency is to explore the diverse social and environmental landscapes of Pāvilosta, the region’s flora and fauna diversity, and engage actively with its community and history.

Application details

Potential residents should fill out the application form no later than June 25th. The form can be found here:

PAiR provides

PAiR will provide residents with studio and living space, access to the library and gallery, administrative support, as well as access to workshops, resources for materials, tools, and research facilities as needed.

Location and building

The PAiR residency is located in Pāvilosta on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The 500 km coastline has played a significant role in the geography, politics, and culture of Latvia, influencing the local communities’ activities and culture. PAiR is situated within the 42-hectare Pelēkās kāpas nature reserve, established to protect Latvia’s widest dune. The residency is housed in a historic wooden building constructed in 1901 and completely restored in 2021.

PAiR residency provides spaces and resources for experimentation, research, and professional development for artists, writers, researchers, and professionals from various creative fields. The PAiR building is newly created and includes four separate spaces for residents, two studios for creative work, a library with multiple open workstations, an art gallery, and a weaving studio where local weavers work.

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